La Aldea Natural

Nine experiences not to be missed

  1. A day observing birds in the Inagua pine forest, the Barranco de La Aldea and the Las Marciegas wetland.
  2. A visit to the Guguy massif ending with a swim and a sunset on its beaches.
  3. A walk through the tabaibal of La Punta to the El Perchel gorge to contemplate the stunning panoramic view of the Andén Verde cliffs.
  4. A swim on the beach of La Aldea to enjoy its beautiful seabeds and its rich biodiversity.
  5. A sortie into the Artejevez Mastic Tree Grove to discover its flora and experience a moment of tranquillity.
  6. An excursion through the Andenes de Tasarte to enjoy their unique flora and spectacular views.
  7. A night observing the village skies from the magical mountains of the municipality.
  8. An evening in the Paso del Marinero (El Balcón Viewing Point) while the shearwaters arrive at their breeding colonies.
  9. A sunset on the quiet beaches of Tasartico, Tasarte or La Aldea.