La Aldea Natural

Tourism and Nature

Clearly, the natural heritage of La Aldea is exceptionally rich and diverse. It is a unique space which we have a duty to manage on the basis of knowledge and respect, and which should be more than sufficient for all of us who inhabit and visit the area — animals, plants, fungi and microorganisms — to live in harmony, by exploiting it sustainably, with the highest quality of life.

The peace, the beauty of the landscape, the remarkable biodiversity and the culture that this municipality in the west of Gran Canaria has to offer leave no one unmoved. To live in La Aldea, even if only for a few days, is unquestionably a privilege of which we must be aware.

Both the marine and the terrestrial environments offer unmissable attractions for ornithologists, entomologists, botanists, photographers, scuba divers, and others. It is up to us to show them with all the passion and affection we can muster, and it is up to you to come and enjoy them.

See you in La Aldea!