La Aldea Natural

The Sky

The magnificent environmental conditions for the observation of the sky are known all over the world; they can be summarized in the climate, very suitable for undertaking this activity, and the low light pollution.

The west of Gran Canaria is the least populated sector of the island, and this translates into an exceptional quality of cloud, a fact that offers us the opportunity to learn and enjoy contemplating this element that has always interested our species.

There are many and varied astronomical events occurring all through the year and many people are interested in them. And watching them allows us to understand the dimension of the Universe and place ourselves in its scale. What are commonly known as meteor showers, the passage of comets, planets, stars, constellations, nebulae or galaxies are some of those phenomena that arouse a very special interest.

We are increasingly aware of the importance that the sky held for the first men and women who populated the islands, something we can confirm thanks to oral tradition or the complex archaeological sites that are located in this area, some authentic astronomical observatories linked to their magical and religious world. Spaces that served to give meaning to their beliefs, establish a calendar and organize that eminently agricultural society.

All that beauty is what a multitude of astro-photographers are in search of. With increasingly advanced equipment, they move around the planet in search of the most spectacular scenes offered by outer space. They are travellers and local aficionados for whom La Aldea is a luxury destination to satisfy their dreams.

For all these reasons, the observation of our skies is an unforgettable experience that will feed your curiosity and increase your knowledge about the environment in which we live. An activity that you can do on your own or enriched by the explanations of professionals in astronomy tourism.